Financial Life Planning for MidLife Women

You raised your family. Now, it's your turn.
The guidance and tools you need for your midlife reinvention.

Get Personal Finance Tips and WEekly Inspiration

Every MidLife Woman Deserves Life-Changing Emotional and Financial Wellness

But, There's a Problem...

Do You Want to be in the Same Place 12 Months from Now?

If not, we'll design a life and financial plan that makes your soul sing.

Fear.less Girl Financial has everything you need for your midlife reinvention. It's like having a life coach and financial planner all rolled into one at the fraction of the cost of hiring individual professionals.

We know what it feels like to be confused about who to trust for unbiased guidance.
That's why we don't sell insurance or investments for commission.

I'm Patty Gale, and as Financial Therapist,
here's how we'll design your midlife reinvention.

Reignite Your Soul

Let's reignite your soul. We'll work with you to awaken the life you're meant to live.

Rediscover Your Dreams

We'll help you design a life plan for the dreams and ambitions you've put on the back burner for years.

Reinvent Your Life

Then, we'll design a financial plan to make it all happen, based on your terms and no one else's.

Fear.less Girl Financial (TM) is a personal finance boutique offering heart-centered
financial therapy, education and advice-based planning for women navigating midlife. 
Fear.less Girl Financial does not sell insurance or investment products for commission,
nor does it hold assets under management.