Hi! I'm Patty Gale, a former Securities Trader 

who became a Financial Therapist to help women
rediscover midlife and their money.

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Finally, a Feminine Approach to Personal Finance

You deserve a better approach to thinking about and managing your money.
We bring together financial and personal self-care, to create clarity, simplicity and direction, even if you don't like budgets, spreadsheets or math.

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I wish I would have had Patty's expertise after my divorce.


I have nothing but glowing admiration for Patty Gale.


If you've not talked to Patty yet about what her company does, I highly suggest you do so! 


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"Financial well-being is about having the time and income to design the life you crave, 
with the people you care about most; making an impact for those you're meant to serve
and not be dependent on family, friends or the government for your financial means."

- Patty Gale, Financial Therapist and Founder of Fear.less Girl Financial

Fear.less Girl Financial is a personal finance boutique offering heart-centered financial therapy, education and advice-based
planning for women navigating midlife. Fear.less Girl Financial does not sell insurance or investment products for commission,
nor does it hold assets under management.