Personal and Financial Self-Care in Times of Crisis

I know everything is just messy right now. It's like the pieces of our lives were all neatly organized on a table and this virus came along and flipped the table over and we're all trying to juggle a gazillion plates at the same time.

We're all doing things differently, things we've never done before. And we're all kind of winging it these days and searching for balance.⁠

Personal Self Care and Financial Self Care

Believe me, I hear you!

I know there's a lot of financial anxiety out there right now, which is why it's essential that we absolutely have to include personal self-care into our day. And, we have to take hold of our financial self-care now, too. The two go hand-in-hand. Beautiful, this is not the time to be afraid of looking in your online banking.⁠

As a Financial Wellness Advisor, I talk a lot about the emotions of money as well as the mechanics of money, which is why I created a 2-week series called "One Thing Today." Every other day, I'm going to share one thing (with video, handouts and worksheets) to do for your personal self-care and one action step to take for your financial well-being.

It would be easy for me to give you a handout of 15 things to do, but that wouldn't help you. Why? Because, right now, all of us are in some form of overwhelm right now. I got you. These small steps are essential steps to keeping things as simple as possible and to avoid getting overwhelmed. 

If we haven't met yet, here's a little more about why:

More About the One Thing Today Series

For example, here's what we covered so far:

Day 1: Deep breathing and managing cash flow

Personal Self-Care: Specifically, how to learn deep breathing properly, practicing it first thing in the morning and before we go to bed. 

Financial Self-Care: Addressing cash flow right now and how to cancel any and all unnecessary subscriptions.

Day 2: Practicing purposeful silence and federal tax filing.

Personal Self-Care: Purposeful silence is all about taking 10 minutes out of your morning every morning to pray, meditate or just be silent, whatever works best for you. It's about clearing out the cobwebs of the day so you can create calm and focus to start your day.

Financial Self-Care: Addresses the new IRS change in moving federal tax file from April 15 to July 15.

Day 3: How to Get a Good Night's Sleep and How Often to Look at Your Investment Accounts.

The idea behind all of this is so that we take small, simple, actionable steps every day to keep moving forward. 

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With that, please know that I and our community are here for you. We will get through this.

Lots of love and hugs,

Patty Bonsera is a former Securities Trader who became a Financial Wellness Advisor to support midlife women asking, "What's next?" In an industry built for men, she founded Fear.less Girl Financial as a better way to help you feel confident and beautiful about your finances and to celebrate midlife with soulful abundance. She will coach you, teach you, and celebrate with you every step of the way.