This is Our Story, Maybe Yours, Too?

Welcome girlfriends. I'm Patty Gale and if you are a woman navigating midlife, then I want to personally welcome you to your new home to help you gain clarity, stability and recovery in your finances.

Just as important, if not more, we are here to help you with the encouragement and support you need.

My passion is to help you design your money story for a life you love.

Perhaps we've been been in the same shoes. I've experienced being married, divorced, a single mom for 11 years, remarried and almost divorced a second time.

While my life looked great on the outside, I was a disaster on the inside. I felt more alone, isolated and frustrated than ever. Yes, even as a financial professional.

Eventually, I was like a volcano that exploded. Maybe you can relate?

When I started confiding into close girlfriends, I discovered more and more women are in similar situations and living quiet lives of financial despair. When I started talking, they felt free to open up and share their stories, too. All they needed was someone to start the conversation first.

What I Discovered During Those Precious Talks

1. The number of middle and upper-income women struggling with debt are rising faster than lower income women.

2. The embarrassment and shame associated with personal financial crisis prevents women from reaching out and talking with other women or professionals.

3. Many women in midlife are living in silent confusion, anxiety and fear because of financial trauma.

Here's Why I Do What I Do

I do what I do so that every woman navigating midlife feels like she has a voice in her finances, doesn't feel alone and to define what she wants for today and the decades to come.

It takes someone who has been those shoes, coupled with personal finance expertise, to understand where you've been, where you are, where you're going and how to get you there.

What Exactly is Fear.less Girl Financial?

Fear.less Girl Financial is a personal finance boutique offering advice-based planning, education and support for women navigating midlife.

As an advice-based firm, we do not sell insurance or investment products for commission nor do we hold assets under management. 

We come alongside you to bring the financial and emotional pieces of your life together to help you design your money story for a life you love.



Patty's Professional Bio:

Patty Gale is a Personal Finance Strategist, Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) and Financial Recovery Counselor. She is the Founder and CEO of Fear.less Girl Financial, a personal finance boutique offering advice-based planning, education and support for women navigating midlife.

Leveraging her 25+ years experience in institutional investment management and personal finance, she is passionate about seeing women design their money story for a life they'll love.

Patty is the creator of "Fear.less Transitions - from Financial Rediscovery to Reinvention," a program designed to see women who are navigating midlife to rediscover, reignite and reinvent their lives.

As an advocate for single moms in crisis, she is passionate about seeing women in crisis move from crisis to flourish and encourages women to be better and thrive at all chapters of their lives.

She is the proud mom of three and when not creating or crunching numbers, you'll find her either out on a running trail (dreaming about the beach) or binge-watching NCIS.

Her favorite quote? “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” - Katherine Hepburn

Be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn.

Her Career

2018 -     :  Fear.less Girl Financial - Founder - CEO 
2001 - 18:  Inspired WebWorks- Founder - CEO 
2001 - 04:  Tapke Asset Managment - Client Experience
1999 - 01:  Retirement Capital Advisors - Director of Trading
1997 - 99:  The O.N. Equity Sales Company - Trading Desk Manager
1989 - 97:  Renaissance Investment Management - Securities Trader
1987 - 89:  Sena, Weller, Rohs, Williams - Assistant Trader
1986 - 87:  Provident Bank, Cincinnati - Assistant to Vice-President


On a Personal Note:

Says Patty, "On a side note, here's a few quirky things about me."

  • I have a deep obsession with dark chocolate - nothing else compares.
  • I'm deathly afraid of crossing over railroad tracks - have no idea why.
  • While I live near the mountains, I'm definitely a beach kinda gal - always will be.
  • My birthday is on Talk Like a Pirate Day - aye, mate!
  • I'll embrace my gray hair when I'm 90 - maybe. 

Your Next Step:

If you haven't done so already, be sure to get your copy of the MidLife Transitions Toolkit .

Stay fear.less!