Meet Patty Gale

Patty Gale, CFEI, is a Financial Recovery Strategist, Certified Financial Education Instructor and warrior for women in crisis. She is the Founder and CEO of Fear.less Girl Financial, a boutique financial consultancy for professional women navigating divorce.

Leveraging her 20+ years experience in investment management and personal finance, she is passionate about seeing women redefine this chapter of life for themselves and their money.

Be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn and to see all the details of her career.

Patty is the creator of Rediscover, Reignite and Reinvent, a program designed to help women, who are navigating divorce, go from financial chaos to financial clarity and security.

As an advocate for single moms in crisis, she is passionate about seeing women in crisis move from crisis to flourish and encourages women to be better and thrive in all chapters of their lives.  

She is the proud mom of three, grandmom to one and when not creating or crunching numbers, you'll find her either out on a mountain trail (dreaming about the beach) or binge-watching NCIS.

Her favorite quote? “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” - Katherine Hepburn


Says Patty, "On a side note, here's a few quirky things about me."

  • I have a deep obsession with dark chocolate - nothing else compares.
  • I'm deathly afraid of crossing over railroad tracks - have no idea why.
  • While I live near the mountains, I'm definitely a beach kinda gal - always will be.
  • My birthday is on Talk Like a Pirate Day - aye, mate!
  • I'll embrace my gray hair when I'm 90 - maybe.