Get Unstuck Financially and Design the Life You Deserve

About Patty Gale

Hi! I'm Patty! I am honored that you are here and taking the time to explore if we might be a good fit to work together.

If you're a woman navigating midlife, and feel stuck in your finances, welcome to your new home to help you get unstuck.

Here's What I Do and Why I Do It

I am here to reach 1 million midlife women, who have been through life-changing experiences that have left them feeling stuck, and show them the exact steps to experience clarity and confidence.

We do so much more than budgets, spreadsheets and math around here.
We create a financial life plan for you to live the life you deserve.

I do what I do so that every woman navigating midlife can boldly define, plan and create what she wants for today and the decades to come and to feel empowered and secure.

Perhaps We've Been in the Same Shoes

I've experienced being married, divorced, a single mom for 11 years, remarried and almost divorced a second time.

While my life looked great on the outside, I was a mess on the inside, feeling more alone, isolated and frustrated than ever. (even as a financial professional).

When I finally confided into close girlfriends, I discovered more and more women, who experienced life-changing events, such as divorce, widowhood or unexpected career change, are living quiet lives of feeling emotionally and financially stuck not knowing where to turn.

When I shared my story, that paved the way for them to share their stories, too. All they needed was someone to start the conversation first.


My Professional Bio:

I am a Financial Therapist, Certified Personal Finance Educator and the Founder and CEO of Fear.less Girl Financial, a personal finance boutique offering heart-centered financial therapy and advice-based planning for midlife women.

My mission is to reach 1 million midlife women who feel stuck financially, and show them the exact steps to experience clarity and confidence to get unstuck and live the life they deserve.

As a financial therapist, what separates my services from other financial professionals is I does not sell insurance or investment products. (Think life coach meets financial planner.)

With more than 25 years in institutional investment management and personal finance, I fill the gap in financial services to address midlife women who have been through life-changing events that have left her feeling stuck financially.

(Common mistake: My LAST name is Gale)

As an advocate for single moms in crisis, I passionately serve on the Women's Auxillary for Dream Centers - Mary's Home in Colorado Springs.

Be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn .


On a Personal Note:

Says Patty, "On a side note, here's a few quirky things about me."
  • I have a deep obsession with dark chocolate - nothing else compares.
  • I'm deathly afraid of crossing over railroad tracks - have no idea why.
  • While I live near the mountains, I'm definitely a beach kinda gal - always will be.
  • My birthday is on Talk Like a Pirate Day - aye, mate!
  • I'll embrace my gray hair when I'm 90 - maybe. 

Your Next Step:

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Stay fear.less!