For Every Bold, Smart and Fearless MidLife Woman Who Doesn't Have a Million Dollar Retirement Account

Rediscover Your Voice, Reignite Your Passions, Reinvent Life on Your Terms

Girlfriends over 40, it's your turn to redefine this chapter of life for you and your money. There's more to your financial wellness than budgets, spreadsheets and math.

New money conversations and heart-centered financial strategies can help you fearlessly prepare for and navigate major life events so you can rediscover your voice, reignite your passions and calling and reinvent your life on your terms.

Rediscover Your Voice and True Self

What does it mean to find your voice and your true self? I believe for women in midlife, it means peeling back years, maybe decades, of previously definining ourselves by someone or something else.

It means you something to say and finally feel like you can be free to express yourself regardless of what anyone else thinks. It's difficult, though, when you're under the weight of financial burdens.

Reignite Your Passions

Somewhere, deep inside your heart and soul are passions that may be long-since buried from the weight of financial burdens and/or trying to be everything to everyone else for years. 

Maybe it's to build schools in Africa or help the homeless right where you live. Or perhaps it's to travel simply and make a difference where ever you go. Those passions weren't placed on your heart by accident. They are your talents and gifts and this is the time of life to reignite them. 

Reinvent Your Life on Your Terms

What does this chapter of your life mean for you? Think about that for a while and let the answer come naturally. It took me 4 years to get to the answer. I had been so entrenched in financial survival most of my adult life, that I never had time or energy to think about what I wanted this time of life to mean JUST FOR ME.

I want to encourage you to stop comparing yourself to everyone's highlight reels of life posted on social media or what mainstream finance experts say this time of your like is supposed to look like or how much money you're supposed to have saved by now.

This is YOUR time.