Ready for Change in Your Life, But Not Sure How?

What would your life would look like if you had someone to talk with about clarifying your vision for this chapter of your life, the years to come and your next steps to move beyond being stuck?

You Are:

A smart, educated, and talented woman in your 40's or older.

Perhaps you've raised a family, have or had a successful career.

Perhaps you've been through a life-changing event, such as a divorce, widowhood or career transition.

Are vibrant and young-minded with a desire to create greater meaning in your life.

And yet...

You feel financially unprepared for the future.

You're ready to make a change, but not sure how.

You don't want to be judged by the norms of the financial services industry.

You don't know who to trust for unbiased financial guidance.

Your Life's Financial Journey is About More than Budgeting

To create greater meaning and financial well-being, it is a holistic process that takes you on the path to freedom. You're smart and if you could have done this by yourself, you would have.  

Personal Finance Coaching for MidLife Women

"Financial well-being is having the time and income to do the things you want with the people you care about most; making an impact for those you're meant to serve and to not be dependent on family, friends or the government for your financial means."

Our program is like having a personal finance strategist by your side walking you through each step of the process, with encouragement and support, in a judgement-free space. I help you figure out what you want to accomplish and then, together, we create a financial life plan on how and when you will accomplish it.

  • Feel more confident about your money.
  • Know that you're not alone.
  • Write a new money story for your life.
  • Build your future on your terms.

Why Schedule a Get-Acquainted Call?

As a financial therapist, I do not sell insurance or investment products. You have me as an unbiased personal finance expert. Think life coach meets financial planner. You are welcomed into a heart-centered, judgement-free space.

This is where we'll help you create a step-by-step financial life plan to eliminate confusion, gain clarity and help you get unstuck.

When ask women what they wish for they often reply, “I just wish I had a plan to follow.”

What Women are Saying...

"I wish I would have had Patty's help and expertise after my divorce." - Bonnie

Your First Step is Simple

Your first step is to schedule a 30-minute Get Acquainted Call. The get-acquainted call is a way for you to get to know me better and get your questions answered. It's also a way for me to see if  you're going to be a good client for me.

Schedule a Get-Acquainted Call with Patty

Schedule a Get-Acquainted Call with Patty

Patty Gale