Get Ready to Start Your Rediscovery Journey

The financial and emotional challenges you’re experiencing while navigating midlife divorce are not easy. I know that one year from today, you would rather not to be in the exact same place.

You are a smart woman and if you could have navigated this all by yourself, you would have. There are a lot of complex pieces that need to be put together to help the financial process to get you back on track to thriving and living your best life.

One-to-One Personal Finance Coaching

What if you could let go of the fear, take your power back, create a new money story and live your best life on your terms? You can with one-to-one personal finance coaching. 

I'm Patty and I specialize in helping women financially recover from midlife transitions such as divorce, widowhood or unexpected career change.
It's the best financial self-care you can do for yourself. Yes, you deserve this!

Personal Finance Coaching for MidLife Women

Your Rediscovery Journey is About More than Budgeting

Your rediscovery journey is a holistic process that helps you heal financially to create a new money story for your life. You'll design a spending plan for your finances that accounts for everything — your current bills, future goals and living your best life on your terms, even without a million dollar retirement account. Yet, it's about so much more than just the numbers.

Take Your Power Back
and Design Your Money Story for a Life You Love!

Every day, I talk with smart, educated women, like you, who are either getting ready to enter into, walking through or are newly single and they all say the same thing. They feel they had given their power away. - Patty

One-to-one coaching is about having a personal finance strategist by your side walking you through each step of the process, with encouragement and support, in a judgement-free space. I help you put the pieces of your financial life back together, figure out what you want to accomplish and then, together, we create a plan on how and when you will accomplish it.

Think of me as your money strategist helping you take your power back.

  • Feel more confident about your money.
  • Know that you're not alone.
  • Write a new money story for your life.
  • Build your future on your terms.

Why Personal Finance Coaching with Patty?

I've been where you are, in a place of financial chaos not knowing where to turn. I gave my power away, got it back and can show you how, too. I take challenging money topics and teach them in way that helps you to be empowered and feel confident moving forward.

When ask women what they wish for they often reply, “I just wish I had a plan to follow.”

What Women are Saying...

"I wish I would have had Patty's help and expertise after my divorce." - Bonnie

Your First Step is Simple

Your first step is to schedule a 30-minute Discovery Experience. This is where we get to know each other, discuss where you are, where you want to go and decide if our one-to-one coaching program is a good fit to get you there.

Consider this your fresh start on the road to your financial healing and reinvention.
It's the best financial self-care you can do for yourself.

There are only 12 sessions available each month.
Yes, you deserve this and I look forward to hearing from you!

Patty Gale